Logistics: The When & Where



January 20-22, 2022 – Phoenix, Arizona

January 27-29, 2022 – Phoenix, Arizona

Note: The event is held Thursday – Saturday to allow a day of rest before implementing your success plan on Monday.

***Mark Your Calendar & Book Your Travel ASAP***

To ensure you get to fully experience every aspect of this transformational event, please schedule your travel with ample time to arrive on time and stay until the end. We recommend scheduling your departing flight a minimum of 2 hours after the close of the event.

You must be in attendance all three days to receive a completion certificate.

Attire and Comfort

The dress attire for the conference is business. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. The room is usually kept at a cool temperature, so if you tend to get cold, bring a sweater or wrap to keep you warm.

What to Bring

We will be providing a conference book and pen for you to take notes. We ask that you bring an open mind and plan on being fully present and engaged. Business cards are optional.

Laptops & Tablets

We have planned this special experience with you in mind and request you plan to be fully present at Design Your Destiny Live™.

Laptops and tablets with keyboards are not allowed in the conference room, as they can be disruptive to other participants.

They break the connection between your thoughts and emotions as well as your connection to others. Thank you for understanding.

Fragrance-Free Space

To be respectful of participants with chemical sensitivities, please refrain from wearing heavily scented body lotions, sprays, shampoo/conditioner, or other products.

This applies particularly to artificial fragrances, as well as strong natural fragrances.

Thank you for your consideration.